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Winner – Best E-Cigarette Starter kit UK. In 2015 numerous electronic brands are opening on the high street and on the net, however, we are a web based only business which means we can pass our huge savings on to you!

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Here at Real Smoke Free not only do we provide the highest quality electronic cigarette devices, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with your new product, that we let you try it completely free for 7 days.

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This is what makes us the best electronic cigarette brand for quality and value. We have worked very hard to perfect our electronic cigarettes, leaving us with an outstanding product un-rivalled by many other brands. We are confident you will love your new purchase!

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Our research has been extensive from our new extra-long battery life, improved cartomizers and battery chargers. We constantly strive to provide you with the best electronic cigarette and we feel that we have reached that service (and our thousands of happy customers would agree!). Real Smoke Free vaping power is second to none, with a new and improved vaping flow we ensure that you receive optimum power from your e-cigarette.


Electronic cigarette UK Information

The E-Cigarette UK business is in the early stages of a boom and is worth over £500 million in the UK. As smokers seek out the best electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking they will look for the best electronic cigarette products and deals.

Best vapour, best taste and best quality.

It will become apparent that many retailers of e-cigarettes have jumped on the bandwagon and resolved to saturate the e-cigs UK market with poor quality Chinese imports that have simply been re-branded in an attempt to make money quickly. Take note that there is a huge difference between poor quality e-cigarettes and a well-designed UK e-cigarette. The difference in price between poor quality kits and the best e-cigarette starter kits is apparent.

The E-liquid is what creates the vapour that the E Cigarette emits.

The e-liquid, when in the tank, is heated up by a heating element called an atomiser which turns the liquid into vapour. The liquid contains nicotine and flavouring. Flavours come in every type imaginable to every type of fruit to traditional well known tobacco brands. Yes tobacco flavour- get the same taste, nicotine and feeling as traditional smoking but without the harmful toxins

Amazing right!
That is why the device we provide is simply the Best E Cigarette type available.
The nicotine content varies from liquid to liquid and below we have listed what would be the best to suit your smoking habits:

To refill your electronic cigarette device you will need to pour the e-liquid provided into the cartomiser. This is very straight forward and the e-liquid bottle has a small tube to make this easy to direct the liquid into the right place. Instructions are also provided with the item.

With our E Cigarette starter kits we include 18 mg/ml e-liquid free with each kit. This should last around 1 week and the average price to refill you electronic cigarette is around £4.99. A massive saving compared to Traditional Tobacco.

The cartomiser is the top section of the E Cigarette. It is what holds the E-Liquid, known as the tank of the device. Inside the tank is where the magic happens, it converts the liquid into vapour by dripping the e-liquid into an element called an atomiser. This part of the E Cigarette typically tends to be the part where it can malfunction. But rest assure with high quality electronic cigarette brands like ours this rarely happens.
However, as confident as we are that our tanks tend to not to have this issue it may have to be changed from time to time to keep optimum performance.
Lastly the battery, the part that makes it all happen. This part of the information page is pretty straight forward – bigger the battery the longer the life and the more vapour it can generate. With our E Cigarette you can adjust the amount of vapour you take in by a simple button press. The longer you hold down the button before you release is the amount of vapour you produce.
All our electronic cigarettes come at 650 mAh this is the measure of energy that is in the battery. At 650 mAh this last’s around 8 hours on a full charge and provides outstanding vapour power.
The battery is extended in length for 2 reasons:
It provides a cigarette in hand feeling, the main reason why most people enjoy electronic cigarettes. It give the smoking cessation of taking a drag like feeling also.
The battery life of the mid sized battery allows you to use it for an extended period of time to use at work, around the house and driving.
All in all we have researched the key qualitys in an electronic cigarette device to provide the best starter kit available.

Why choose Real Smoke Free?

Advanced kits

Our Electronic cigarette starter kits are not less advanced than an enhanced kit. We do not believe a new user should not benefit from the qualities of a top of the range kit and that is why we offer top of the range electronic cigarettes for beginners and advanced users alike. This means our kits cater for new and experienced vapers alike.

UK Regulated

To further our quality assurance guarantee, Our E-liquids are tested and regulated in the UK. They go through rigorous experiments to qualify before sale and do not contain harmful properties. For users transitioning from tobacco based smoking to electronic vaping, the Real Smoke Free electronic cigarette starter kit truly is the best electronic cigarette available.

High Quality

Providing high quality products is what we take our pride in. When one compares the overall savings of using our electronic cigarettes over normal cigarettes, the outcome is apparent. High quality best electronic cigarettes, over £2000+ a year saving and a healthier alternative for the small cost of an e-cigarette starter kit, your choice is already made.

Countless reviews

You only have to search for the following terms in Google:

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This is why after countless reviews we are the best electronic cigarette UK brand.

Real Smoke Free is the go to team

There is much information on the web that expresses the view that vaping is considerably better than smoking from the health perspective but the aspect of “cost” is not factored in here although you need to factor in the cost to your health of smoking as compared to vaping.

Selecting and choosing a the best quality E-Cigarette.

Now when you choose an electronic cigarette you choose from a variety of factors primarily being the quality, brand trust and advanced technology. We cover all these bases at Real Smoke Free so you can feel confident in your path to tobacco freedom.

Depending on which e-cigarette UK brand you choose to try first, your experience into “vaping” must be an enjoyable and life changing experience.

This will depend on the quality of the UK electronic cigarette you purchase.

A good quality product from the outset is important and generally there is not a significant cost difference between good quality e-cigarettes and poor quality e- cigs, when compared to the cost of smoking, this will determine if your change to electronic cigarettes is successful or not. Buy the a high quality cigarette today and change your life to a healthier alternative.

Try a free electronic cigarette today and change your lifestyle today.

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